MOVimages was created in 2014 by its principal photographer Mark Vogel whose love of photography has spanned over forty years. His style can be described as full frame, revealing intimate detail as he tries to capture God's magnificent handiwork in the world around us. He is particularly drawn to photographing animals but also likes to find the minute detail in everyday things. Whether its the morning dew on a flower, or a fall leaf on the road, Mark will find an angle to capture its innate beauty.

Mark started MOVimages so that he could share his work and maybe inspire others to more richly recognize the everyday beauty in the things around them. With that as its foundation, the goal of MOVimages is to provide high quality prints of interesting subjects for your enjoyment. MOVimages also offers digital images for commercial purposes on a license basis, or print sets for commercial spaces and businesses. Because of his love for animals, we've also recently added PETography - MOVimages' special pet photography service.

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Some of Mark's work is featured in Kevin Richmond's film "Beyond the Blue" (produced by Peepin' Tom Productions, Inc) which is a documentary about movie producers in Kevin's home state of North Carolina. He has also been the set photographer for several of Kevin's other activities. Mark has published two books. His first book, "Knock and the Door Will be Opened" is an uplifting book with inspirational Bible quotes and beautiful accompanying images. “Knock” was recently featured in the Statesville Record and Landmark paper. His second book, “Into the Ark”, was done with his daughter Hannah Wright and is an ABC animal book that tells a child friendly version of the Noah’s Ark story with vibrant photographic images of some of its guests. Mark currently resides in Statesville, North Carolina with his wife and within driving distance of his three children.

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