Triptyches (groups of 3) of black & white images for offices and other commercial spaces.

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Arlington Cemetary

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

WWII Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Vintage Mustang

Vintage Mustang

Vintage Mustang Grill

Vintage Train Engine

Car 542

Vintage Train Engine

Factory Wall Marking

Factory Fire Escape

Factory Alarm

Railroad Crossing Arm

Train Coupling

Train Tracks

Venitian Gondola

Roman Colosseum

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Water Lily

Water Lily Pair

Water Lily

Abandoned Warehouse

Abandoned Warehouse

Rusted Steel Beam

Giraffe Pair


Siberian Tiger

White Rhino

Giant Tortoise

Lion Climbing Ledge

Under the Pier

Pea Island Shoreline

NC Coast Pier

Iris by Pond

Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood Tree Blossoms Covered with Dew

Starlight Dogwood Blossom

Fall Tree Against Sky

Hay Bale in Field

Leaf on Pavement

Dragon Head Cloud

Plane Wing Against Sky

Airplane Wing

Airplan Wing Detail

Hot AIr Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Inflating

Wind Turbines

Port of San Francisco

Tug Boat

Light House

Light House

Island Bay

Street Cars


Ship in Port

The Aulac Venus Docked on the Saigon River, Saigon Vietnam


Iris Bud


Unicorn Sculpture

Dom Cathedral

Horse/Rider Sculpture

Street Signage

Smoke Stack

Fire Dept Connection

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