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Welcome to PETography!  My name is Mark Vogel and I have been a photographer for over forty years and an animal lover for my entire life. And, though my photography has always been focused on nature subjects, my attention has always been drawn to the furry, feathered and four-legged. After losing a beloved dog, and getting a new puppy (as you might have guessed - Finnegan), I found taking pictures of him both delightful and healing, and decided to expand my business and start offering Pet Photography services - PETography! 

It would be my pleasure to capture in a photo for you and your family, all of those wonderful things that make you love your pet. Whether it is the faces they make, the way they play with special toys, the way they jump and romp, or simply the love they give you and your family when you interact with them.

If you would like to get a feel for my style of photography, you can make use of the galleries throughout this website, or check out the gallery below, which includes a sampling of photographs of Finnegan, as well as the pets of friends and family, and some animals I would like to have as a pet.

Give me a call at the above-listed number to schedule your PETography session today! My home base is Statesville NC, but I can also do shoots in the surrounding areas.


          $150    Basic Shoot Package: Includes

                                 (1) Hour Shoot @Location

                                 (10) JPEG Image Files

            $35    Basic Print Package: Includes

                                 (1) 12 x 18" Print

                                 (1) 8.5 x 11" Print

                                 (1) 5 x 7" Print

            $25    12 x 18" Print

            $15    8.5 x 11" Print

            $10    5 x 7" Print

           Call    Custom Shoot or Prints


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